A mortgage/finance broker is someone who acts as an intermediary specialist to broker loans to financial institutions on behalf of individuals and businesses.
Today in many developed markets like Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Britain and Spain, mortgage brokers are some of the largest sellers of mortgage financing products for lenders.

  • - Mortgage/finance brokers are aggregators that offer a one stop multi-bank, multi-product range solutions vs a single bank product line offerings.
  • - We shortlisted the best deals for your consideration.
  • - We offer solutions from non-bank lenders to fill up financing gaps.
  • - We take you through the various types of packages, solutions and combinations of financing options. The best deal is not necessary the one with the lowest numerical interest digit.
  • - We will examine your circumstances, plans and priorities to recommend you a solution that is ideal for you.
  • - We will advise/inform/update you on the recent regulatory amendments and cooling measures.
  • - Assess your debt servicing ratios and borrowing capacity.
  • - Saving you time, effort, legwork, resources and monies.

The rates that we offer are consistent with a direct walk in client to the bank or financial institution. In some instances, due to bulk order submissions, promotional tie-ups and close working relationship with the lenders, we can offer preferential rates better than a direct walk in client.

Many of the online comparison portals simply act as a data collection and distribution centre that forward your request and information out to multiple banks, financial institutions and lenders.
We are more than a data redistribution centre. As an independent loan adviser, we believe in providing you with a single point of contact, listening & understanding your needs, requirements & priorities and proposing you with the best financing solutions customized to your needs. Our multi-bank price feed offerings have helped many of our client enjoyed savings of up to 60%* reduction in interest cost.

No. All facilities are underwritten and financed by the lender. We are an intermediary. We do not fund any of the facilities proposed/provided.